Friday, 9 July 2010

30 Years of Stussy

This year is the 30th anniversary of Stussy T-shirts, woohoo!
There has always been something really appealing and 'cool' to me about the brand that seems easy and effortless. It was started by surfer Shawn Stussy in the late 80s and blew up from there. One of the original Stussy crew members James Lebon explains why:
"It was an anti-fashion thing, before Stussy there were fashion labels like Gucci and Comme des Garcons, etc, work wear like Carhart and sportswear like Champion sweats and Hanes tee. What Shawn did was combine these elements to create something totally new.I feel that he invented the printed tee shirt, as we now know it. It didn't look like anything else and I don't believe it was a calculated move. Shawn just created nice gear that he liked seeing cool people wearing."

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